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Account Naming Policy

Under Age

referring to Under Age (teen, young, teenager, youth, minor, kid etc.)

Copyright, trademark

famous brands, name of musical bands, characters even if the name has modifications

Famous people name

artist, actress, actors, well known persons name. Even if not complete but part of the name of a famous person

names of individuals who are related to autocratic rule of terrorism

Offensive to others

referring to death

referring to violence

sexual content and any kind of body waste

racism, obscene expressions


witch, spiritmaster, wicca etc... are ALLOWED, but if it is referring to religious figure whom may be insensitive for others it is not acceptable


referring to drugs and consumption but not obvious referring is fine

Real Name combinations

Registering with full name is ALLOWED.

Despite you can register with your real name, we do not recommend to do so due to security reasons.

Docler or Admin impersonification

Docler in the username or similar combinations (eg:d0cler, dolcer, docle_broadcaster)

Anything related to "Admin", "Support", "Staff", etc.

Similar name to anexisting

If the registered name is similar to an existing Broadcaster's name, it is not acceptable.

Numbers in Screen name

The system does not allow to type any numbers or underscore line in the screen name field.