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Installing DoclerCam Standalone Software on Windows PC

You can download DoclerCam from your Broadcaster Center or directly here.

Installing: Click on the 'Download DoclerCam' button in the 'Go Online' menu of your account to download the installation file. An Install Guide has also been made available to assist you with the process.

Make sure to run the installation with administrator rights (right-click > Run as administrator).

Once the installation is complete, you can log in to DoclerCam software. Please check the 'Remembering data' box if you wish DoclerCam to remember your login details. In case you forgot your password or username, please click on the 'Forgot Password' option for further instructions on how to retrieve them.

Installing DoclerCam Standalone Software on Mac OSX

See the technical requirements for DoclerCam software here.

Before starting the installation be sure you have administrative privileges on your Mac. To view your rights on Mac OS X follow these steps:

  • From the Apple Menu, select System Preferences.
  • In the System Preferences window, select Users & groups (Accounts).
  • Select your user account and then view the right panel. If Allow user to administer this computer is not checked then you don't have admin rights.  

Installing: Click on the 'Download DoclerCam' button in the 'Go Online' menu of your account to download the installation file.

Double click on the downloaded DoclerCam .dmg file to mount it, allowing you to extract the application from inside it.

A window would appear with the Application and a link to your Applications folder. Here, you’d simply drag the application icon to the Applications folder.

The application will be copied to the folder instantly.

If you get an error message that says the program "can't be opened because it wasn't downloaded from the Mac App Store," you need to do the following:

Step 1: Open Finder > Applications > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab or search for Security & Privacy in Spotlight.

NOTE: If prompted, click on the Lock icon on the left corner of the window and enter your Administrator Username and Password.

Step 2: Set Allow apps downloaded from to Anywhere.

After the app is dragged to your Applications folder, you can run it normally — from the Finder, Launchpad, Spotlight or Dock. Log into the program with your Docler username and password. In case you forgot your password or username, please click on the 'Forgot Password' option for further instructions on how to retrieve them.

In case you are facing with any trouble during running the application, or need help with setting up the camera, please have a look on this page.

Before Going Online

Simply download and install DoclerCam from your Broadcaster Center's landing page. Once you have it ready, start up DoclerCam, type your registered Docler Performer account's e-mail and password, as you can see it on the sample image below.

Once these are entered, click on the Login button to go online.

You can tick the "Remember data" box if you wish DoclerCam to remember your login details. In case you forgot your password or username, please click on the "Forgot password?" option for further instructions on how to retrieve them.

In case you have any trouble installing the software, going online, feel free to contact our Support Chat anytime.

Once clicking on "OK", you will have the option to choose from the broadcaster accounts.

On the login screen of DoclerCam, you have the option to adjust your settings.

You may select your Camera, Audio Device, as well as general quality options including your Input Size and Bit rate. You are also able to set your performance settings according to the configuration of your computer.

Advanced Settings

On the log in panel of DoclerCam, by clicking on Advanced settings, you have the option to select your Camera, Audio Device and Video Quality.

  • Cam Device: Choose your video device here. If you use a camera splitter, launch it before you open DoclerCam and select it in DoclerCam as your Video Device. To find out more about what cameras you should use, visit our Recommended Cameras page.
  • Audio Device: Make sure you choose here the device you would like to use for audio.
  • Video Quality: Here you may find Resolution, FPS, Bitrate. Set the highest available option from here. All resolutions are wide screen (16:9) aspect ratio. Available options are:
    • 864x480 resolution, 30 fps, 850 bitrate

Choose your camera from the 'Cam device' dropdown list. If you use a camera splitter, start it before DoclerCam, and select it as your camera device. After you logged in, make sure that your camera image is enabled in the Flash settings in the software. You can open the Flash settings by right-clicking somewhere in the software window, then choosing the Settings option. On the 2nd tab of the pop-up window, you can 'Allow' your camera image.

In case you are online using a camera splitter, please make sure to choose a resolution and aspect ratio which matches your chosen resolution in DoclerCam. Different resolutions may result in quality problems, black frames around your camera image or greatly distorted camera feed.

Should you experience problems while streaming, or if you need assistance finding the optimal settings, do not hesitate to contact our Online Support.

Being Online

Contacts – The list of your Visitors. By clicking on their name, you can find detailed information about them, and extra functions. The meaning of the different colors and icons of the Visitors are the following:

Heart icon – Highly appreciated Members, it’s usually profitable to treat them well.

Star icon - The Member is subscribed to your Fan Club.

Site icon – Indicates from which site the Member came from.

Members name are green, Guests are grey, and Admins are red color.

A new Member listing function has been implemented, thus you can see your Members in different order, regarding their purchases:

  • Members who took the Broadcaster to Private gets listed first based on the purchases
  • Members who have the most purchases in the system
  • Free Members

If you click on a Member’s name in this list or in the main chat window, different option become available to you. You may view basic information about them, add or read your own notes, view the previous chat logs and may kick or ban them (use this option only after consulting with the Support Team).

Report – Bug or Spam reports to our Staff can be sent from this option.

Help – This button opens this wiki page

Settings – You can choose the preferred alert settings, their volume, and the direction of the chat scroll.

On the right side, above your camera image, you can see icons that indicate your Fan Club subscribers, your current price per minute, you current commission and the amount needed to raise your income to the next level.

Under the video feed, you find your Video and Audio ratings, the Audio button, which you can use to turn your audio on and off, and notifications regarding your account.

While chatting, you have the option to send emoticons to the Members, by choosing one from the list after clicking on the smiley icon.

DoclerCam also has a built-in translator to make communication and understanding easier. You can select the sufficient language by clicking on the globe icon.

During a Private Chat with a Member, the chat window slightly changes. You see the Member name in a yellow bar. In addition, if the Member turns his camera on, you can see the image next to your stream. On the upper right, a counter appears which shows income of the current private. On the bottom left part of the window, you have the option to block new incoming privates, creating a truly intimate atmosphere with the Member currently in Private.

A thanking message can be sent also to the last Member who leaves your Private Chat after at least a one minute long show.

The DoclerCam software window can be resized by clicking on and dragging the right bottom corner.

New Features

We are proud to introduce our newest, 4th version of DoclerCam, which comes with plenty of tweaks and new components.

Thanks to an updated encoding technology and a better graphic library, a multitude of new and interesting features were added to the new DoclerCam, to make your streaming experience smoother and more comfortable, while also improving the quality of your shows. Here are some of the new functions that were added:

Camera Settings Panel

Once you are online, right clicking on your DoclerCam will show you the option of opening the Camera Settings panel. With this panel, you can easily set up your image's color and lighting settings. You can even save your favorite setup and load them anytime you wish. Here's how it works:

Once you right click and select Camera Settings, the panel will open up with multiple sliders and tabs visible. The effect of these settings can vary based on your camera type, but if you are using one of our recommended cameras, it will always work the same way.

Adjusting the settings:

It is best that you try and experiment with the settings yourself and see how it fits your liking. But be aware that for the best natural looking colors, it is highly advised that the sliders are all set mostly towards their default values. If you need assistance with the camera settings, please do contact our technical team on the Support Chat anytime.

Saving your settings

Once you have the image set as your heart desires, you can save the preset by first giving it a name at Setting Name, then clicking on the Save Button. This will close the window as well and you can return to streaming. The saved presets will be stored locally in Registry, on your own computer. If you go online from another computer, you will have to set and save your settings again.

Loading the settings

You can load up your settings by clicking on the dropdown list at Load Settings and selecting your previously saved preset, then pressing Save button again.

Pop Out Camera Feed

Double clicking on your camera feed while you are online will now make it pop out. This camera feed can be moved around and resized. This way you can see yourself in better detail and prepare for your next private. Double clicking on this image again will put it back into it's original place. Please note that resizing your camera image here will not affect the size and quality of your stream while you are online.